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Capow Superhero Portrait Experience



Hollywood Blockbuster Treatment

Follow in the footsteps of your favourite Superhero and get it immortalised in print!

Amazing Outfits! Theatrical Props! Spectacular Backgrounds & Our Special Effects

Our CAPOW Superhero Portrait sessions include the use of all props and we have an amazing selection of Superhero costumes.

If you have you own amazing outfit bring it along.

For Individuals or all the family can join in. 

About the Experience

Millions of us – kids and adults alike – love dreaming that we have super powers. So if you’re a secret superhero, or have a passion for Cosplay, we can help turn fantasy into reality and capture it forever with our cinematic CAPOW Superhero experience.
Perfect for all little Marvel fans (and big ones too) heroes can grapple and flex with a range of props, from boulders to girders and chains to shields. All in front of a range of realistic movie backgrounds, including a death-defying skyscraper drop. And while everyone’s busy saving the world, we expertly photograph you using our super-vision to find amazing poses, so every thrilling moment is saved forever.

4 YEARS TO 104


Interest free credit available to all, No credit check needed.

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Capow Superhero Portrait Experience £45
Free A5 image with all bookings.

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