Enchanted Children Studio Photo-shoot experience.

ONLY £50  offers my apply.

For Ages 6 months to 9 years old

Risbeys Enchanted Elf & Fairy Gallery


If you have a little one aged up to 9 years old who has ever dreamed of being the perfect fairy princess or lord of the elves (let’s face it, which little girls and boys haven’t) then you are in for a real treat with our amazing Enchanted Elf & Fairy Portraits. If they are just starting out in life and are only 6 month old and sitting up, well with our new fairy house and enchanted tree stump your little Cherub can enjoy finding the Fairies.

We provide the wings, the outfits, for your fairy princess or little elf lord, It’s like something straight out the movies, Not a pinewood but even better, our own enchanted studio forest. All you need to do is bring their smiles, you can leave the magic to us.

We’ll guide them through stunning poses, complete with butterflies, lanterns, our very special lilies with whirlpool pond and our enchanted toadstool. Let the magical transformation begin.

Once all the fun of the shoot is over and before the viewing, we work our creative genius on adding special fairy glows and a loving dose of fairy dust. Giving you images transformed into mouthwatering pieces of personal Enchanted Elf & Fairy art that will quite simply take your breath away.

If you would like to book. Having a date in mind, just use the online booking below. Knowing an Enchanted shoot will makes the ideal present, buy a voucher for someone now.


Only One Voucher Per Family of Siblings needed.


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To book you can either call the studio direct on 01916450018 or use the online booking system.
A £25 refundable deposit is needed on all Enchanted appointment bookings. 48 hours notice must be given on all changes of appointment.


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